The month of February we’ll make it happen. Each day we’ll join together in being generous. Below are some ideas on how to share the idea of the 28 Days of Generosity with others. Or visit our 28 Days of Generosity webpage for full descriptions of each day.

  1. Invite a friend to join you in The 28 Days of Generosity
  2. Tell everyone you see today about the adventure you are undertaking and ask them to join you
  3. Forward a link to this page
  4. Tweet about it
  5. Catch up with The 28 Days of Generosity on Facebook
  6. Print off the calendar and plan ahead with family and friends
  7. Share the idea with groups you are a part of; your church, the folks at the gym, your co-workers…
  8. Share the 28 days with a complete stranger
  9. Start a kindness journal and include in your entries how kindness makes you feel