On an on-going basis, the MCF is accepting applications from organizations for “Immediate Need” grant requests.

“Immediate Need” includes emergency needs, as well as other unanticipated expenses.  “Immediate Need” does not include capital campaigns or routine recurring expenses. Applications for capital expenditures or normal program expenses will be considered, however, extenuating circumstances must be explained.  No organization will be granted more than $1,500 total within any twelve (12) month period. The Granting Committee reserves the right to make exceptions under extreme circumstances.

IMPORTANT:  The “Immediate Need” grant application opportunity is separate from other grant application opportunities discussed elsewhere on this website.

“Immediate Need” offers the ability to apply for a small grant when:  (a) the amount requested is $1,500 or less for an emergency or unanticipated expense and/or (b) a need arises that requires a quick response and cannot reasonably be delayed.   

Your organization must be a registered 501 (c) 3 or have a current fiscal sponsor.

Size of Request
Requests may be in the $250 to $1,500 range.

Review Criteria
Priority consideration will be given to those applicants that:

  Provide reasonable explanation as to why the project is time sensitive and requires a grant decision within the next 60 days.

  Propose projects/services that are integral to the applicant organization’s core programs and mission.

  Propose projects that align with the mission of the Montrose Community Foundation and grant priorities.

Immediate Needs Grant Application


MCF Grant Priorities

• Grant requests should benefit a large percentage of the community with special emphasis given to the most needy components.

• Grants should have a large impact in terms of number of people affected.

• Proposed project or activity includes involvement and mutual support from other agencies/organizations within the community.

• Funds must be spent in the community.

• Organization appears to have capacity to carry out proposed project or activity.


Immediate Needs Grant Application


No Grant Funding

The following requests will not be funded through the “Immediate Need” process or Grant Cycle:

  • Medical expenses for an individual.
  • Payments directly to families for requests arising from catastrophes. The Foundation will  consider requests from organizations created for that purpose.
  • Requests for travel expenses.
  • College scholarships.
  • Requests for current capital projects for which the Foundation’s ability to contribute will be only a very small portion of the total budget and, therefore, may have little impact on the success of the project.
  • Requests from religious organizations for the sole purpose of furthering that religion.
  • Requests to support political activities or those designed to influence legislation