The foundation is no longer accepting grants for the 2016 Impact Grant cycle. Please check back during the summer months for information about our 2017 Impact Grant Cycle which will open in the fall.

If you have a funding request, please contact the Executive Director at 249-3900 to discuss your project. There may be funding opportunities available through donor directed or other MCF funds.

Additionally, on an ongoing basis, the MCF accepts requests for Immediate Need Funding. For details and information about Immediate Need grants, please visit the Immediate Need Funding page.

To fulfill our mission to expand the capacity of community organizations and incubate qualifying community projects and partnerships, the MCF supports innovative programs benefiting Montrose and the surrounding area through our MCF Impact Grants.

Organizations should be a registered 501 (c) 3 or have a current fiscal sponsor. If not a 501 (c) 3, please be prepared to describe your charitable or tax exemption status.

Funding Guidelines
The MCF Board of Directors has not outlined the specific areas for giving for the 2017-2018 MCF Impact Grant Cycle.  Please check back for more information.

Typically requests may be in the $1,000 to $5,000 range. Grant reports from previously awarded grants from (2016-2014) must be received by the MCF before new grant proposals will be considered. For questions regarding previous reporting please call 249-3900.

Perspective grantees should complete the online MCF Impact Grant application which will be available when the MCF Impact Grant Cycle is open. If you have an Immediate Need request, please visit our Immediate Need Grants page. Or, for questions regarding other funding requests, please call the MCF Executive Director at 249-3900.

Grant Cycle Timeline
The 2017-2018 MCF Impact Grant Cycle is not currently open. Please check back for updated information. 

The 2016-2017 Grant Cycle timeline was Mid-December 2016 for award notification; Grant distribution was in January of 2017.

Review Criteria
 In general, applications will be reviewed using the criteria below:

  • Proposed project or activity is aligned with the vision and mission of the MCF. See About section on this website ( for details.
  • Grant requests should include detailed information about projects/activities benefiting the Montrose community. Information should include the following: a demonstrated need, goals, objectives, and time frame, and measurable outcome(s).
  • The proposal includes involvement and mutual support from other agencies/organizations within the community – collaboration is encouraged.
  • Funds should be spent in the community and the proposed budget appears to be appropriate for the project.
  • The project has a large impact that can be clearly explained or measured. Large can be in terms of number of people affected or how significantly the intended population is impacted.
  • The organization(s) involved appear to have capacity to carry out proposed project or activity.
  • The project/activity will serve a group of people that could be considered “at risk” or the neediest portion of our population.

No Grant Funding

The following requests will not be funded through the MCF Grant Cycle

  • Medical expenses for an individual.
  • Payments directly to families for requests arising from catastrophes. The Foundation will  consider requests from organizations created for that purpose.
  • Requests for travel expenses.
  • College scholarships.
  • Requests for current capital projects for which the Foundation’s ability to contribute will be only a very small portion of the total budget and, therefore, may have little impact on the success of the project.
  • Requests from religious organizations for the sole purpose of furthering that religion.
  • Requests to support political activities or those designed to influence legislation