Interested in supporting one of these funds?

Alpine Photography Club

alpine-photography-clubThe purpose of the Alpine Photography Club is to assemble people who are interested in photography, provide programs and publications for the instruction and education of interested persons and help gain photography information. This club meets monthly and has photography related programming at some of their meetings. Contact the MCF for more information.
Meetings on 2nd Tuesday of each month at St. Mary Catholic Church.
Facebook group: Alpine Photography Club
APC Email:

Magic Circle Players Endowment

Magic CircleMagic Circle Players, Ltd. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation of quality live theatre in the Montrose Community. Through the efforts of volunteers, MCP strives to entertain, educate, and involve the residents of Western Colorado, young and old, by encouraging an appreciation of the dramatic arts. They have been serving our community for over fifty-three years. For more information visit

Montrose Center for the Arts

montrose-center-of-the-artsThe mission of the newly-formed Montrose Center for the Arts is for Montrose to be widely recognized as the premier Center for the Arts on the Western Slope. Our goals are to grow a community of people committed to and engaged in the arts including visiting artist programs, demos and instruction in schools, libraries, senior and veteran’s centers, gallery space and studio classes furthering cultural development and creating another jewel in the crown for Montrose. Contact the MCF for more information.

Montrose Regional Library Permanant Book Fund

In order to provide Montrose County residents with the full measure of resources befitting great libraries, the Libraries of Montrose County Foundation developed Permanent Book Funds. With gift of $2,500 or more (which may be pledged over five years), individuals/families can create a Permanent Book Fund. The Fund is invested in perpetuity, with its income used to purchase books annually. You can specify a genre of book (mysteries, cookbooks, etc.) or let the Library choose what is needed most. Donors received a bookplate in each book purchased by each Fund, and an annual list. For more information please visit

Public Art eXperience (PAX)

The goal of the PAX organization is to create new chances for people to come together as a community and have new opportunities to enjoy direct engagement with quality works of art. Through a revolving sculpture loan program, everyone has the opportunity to experience quality works of art in our own community. More information here.